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würk Stations is a high performance office furniture system that reflects and adapts to today’s modern work environment. Stations has been designed as a collaborative product that can create a panel based workstation or freestanding office environment (also known as “würk Bench”; benching or open-plan). Common components are shared between these product applications allowing for varied work strategies within your organization while reducing the overall cost of ownership and cumulative lifespan costs.


• Five panel options achieve superior functionality with varied aesthetics

• würk Stations & würk Bench share all components allowing for complete reuse of parts when changing work strategies

• Panel lay-in trough offers high-capacity wire management as a standard

•Optional “Connect anywhere” hardware is available for optimal use of space and inventory

• Easily add or lower panel height on-site with minimal disruption to the work environment

• Panel sections can be easily changed to improve the workstations functionality without having to dismantle it

• Inherent flexibility increase planning possibilities

• Power and data can be placed virtually anywhere and provide access above or below the worksurface

Whether you want private workstations, an open office concept or a benching system; Stations does it. Components are shared across all three styles of work allowing you to change easily and reduce the overall cost during its lifespan. Start out with a feature-rich or basic product and have those features modified to address the changing workplace. Stations allow you to reuse inventory no matter what the configuration.

• Panels are stackable and can be load bearing

  Sections can be changed without dismantling the workstation

Connect anywhere” hardware makes planning easy & lets you reuse inventory when change is needed

• Wurksurface hardware is adjustable in one inch increments

• Power harness are flexible and can be in smaller & larger panel widths

• Standard high capacity lay-in wire trough at the top of all panels

• Simple design allows for easy customization

• Electrical is UL / CUL certified

Würk Furniture Inc. will at no cost to the original purchaser and for as long as the original purchaser owns a Würk Furniture Inc. product, repair or replace with a comparable product, at Würk Furniture Inc.’s option, any part or product sold which fails as a result of a defect in its design, materials or workmanship. For all purposes of this warranty, the term “purchaser” is defined as the entity or individual acquiring a Würk Furniture Inc. product as the initial purchaser thereof either from Würk Furniture Inc. or an authorized Würk Furniture Inc. dealer.
Exceptions to this warranty include:
Würk warrants its new casegoods products for 10 years, of single-shift service, from the date of delivery;
Task lights, grommets and the articulating keyboard tray, which are warranted for five years from the date of delivery;
Panel fabrics which are warranted for ten years from the date of delivery;
Seating fabrics which are warranted for five years from the date of delivery;
Seating foams which are warranted for five years from the date of delivery;
Moving parts, which include glides, slides, casters, user-adjustable work surfaces mechanisms, chair arms and bases which are warranted for five years from the date of delivery;
Seating mechanisms for all seating products are warranted for five years of single shift usage from date of delivery;
Pneumatic cylinders for seating products are warranted for five years of single shift usage from date of delivery;
This warranty does not include:
Customers own material and finishes applied to Würk products, ballast and light bulbs;
Products which have been modified or which have not been installed using Würk certified installers or used according to Würk’s intended application;
Products that must be replaced due to normal wear and tear, negligence, abuse, accident, or shipping damage;
Products used for rental purposes;
Used as is or open box items products.
In no event shall Würk be liable in either sort or contract for any loss or direct, special, incidental, consequential, or exemplary damages. This warranty is the customer’s sole remedy for product defect. Würk makes no warranties, including the express or implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, other than the express warranties contained herein.
Any warranted items being returned to würk must receive prior written authorization and be verified with a return material authorization (RMA) number as well as proof of purchase and specific nature and date of the problem.

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Dated as of May 2017.

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