Würk Stations are coming online soon

Würk Stations is a high-performance office furniture system that reflects and adapts to today’s modern work environment. Stations has been designed as a collaborative product that can create a panel-based workstation. Common components are shared between these product applications allowing for varied work strategies within your organization while reducing the overall cost of ownership and cumulative lifespan costs.

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Whether you want private workstations, an open office concept or a benching system; Stations does it. Components are shared across all three styles of work allowing you to change easily and reduce the overall cost during its lifespan. Start out with a feature-rich or basic product and have those features modified to address the changing workplace. Stations allow you to reuse inventory no matter what the configuration.

  • Interchangeable sections and panels
  • Shared components between Stations and Benches allow to infinitely combine these two systems and reuse parts
  • High-capacity cable management due to the panel lay-in
  • Easily add or remove panels to achieve the desired height
  • Infinite options for placing power and data plugs
  • Optional “Connect anywhere” hardware

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