A unique and safe shopping experience

When you enter a successful shop, it feels like the beginning of a completely new experience. Every component of the interior complements each other, resembling the unique identity of the brand. The safety elements protect the customer and staff and the interior layout allows to maintain a safe distance. The displays are perfectly positioned and, with their striking surfaces, they invite you to discover the product that is lit just perfectly.


Show the product in the best possible way on a surface that seems to blend with the environment. Your customers will never see any part of the fitting. And it will last: Our laminates are scratch- and spill-resistant and easy to clean.

Display Cases

Dozens to hundreds of customers a day will want to see it, touching and leaning on the display cases. And our cases are made for that. They are durable and easy to clean. Do you want to hide that fragile product behind glass? Place it under the glass top. We can also make you a table with lockable storage, ideal for customer service tables. The options are endless.


Ensure seamless and easy interactions with your customers. The counters can be equipped with a desk and storage options that are specially designed to keep your staff organized and efficient. And while processing the order, why not offer more products? With integrated front shelves, you can display any product within the customers reach. 

3D Branding + Colour

We never leave work halfway. As for your brand new store, we will take care of the whole interior. So your customers can experience a seamless design with matching colours and architectural elements that just work together. We offer 3D and 2D custom signs, painting as well as minor reconstructions.

Staffroom with kitchen

Give your employees the same care as your customers. Maintaining the same design language throughout the premises promotes employee confidence in the brand and increases the sense of belonging.


Keep germs and viruses at bay. The Shield will make every interaction safer without compromise. There is always enough of space to pay and hand over the receipt thanks to the convenient cutout. And don’t worry about damaging your furniture, Transaction Shield uses 2M Dual Lock system, which means worry free removal and redeployment.

Wurk Health Brand

Short lead times

Our manufacturing facility and company office share the same location in Mississauga, Ontario. It allows us to control and manage the entire process from design, through production to shipping. We use Würk trained assembly crew to make sure the furniture is put together exactly how it was designed and without any delays. Most of the projects are finished within a 3-weeks period.



We use lean manufacturing practices to streamline production and minimize waste. Instead of overcomplicating things, we simplify them. Our fitting technology is called “Snap-In”. It is made of two metal parts recessed in the furniture. It provides durable, long-lasting fitting that can be unlocked without damaging the furniture. Retail furniture is manufactured in our facility with emphasis on ease of transport and quick assembly. In contrast, most of the custom millwork must be built on-site. Saving on material and labour costs and rethinking complicated fittings while not compromising on quality means more money in your pocket after the project is completed.



Having everything under one roof, we pay attention to every detail throughout the whole process. We are committed to maintaining a high standard of Canadian-made furniture. After the installation is done, we are not. We stay in touch ready to support you in any way possible. Something doesn’t look or work as expected? It’s on us. Our Retail furniture is covered by a lifetime warranty.


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