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Sit-Stand 2428

Height Adjustable Desk

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Height adjustable desk allows you to switch from sitting to a standing position within seconds. With a built-in panel that remembers your favourite positions, it’s easy. Height adjustable desk promotes healthy work habits and helps fight stiffness that can occur during an eight-hour working day spent in a static position.


  • Control panel with memory function
  • Quiet electric motor
  • Eco-friendly standby
  • Height adjustable from 25″/63 cm to 50″/128 cm
  • Control panel with memory function (four positions)
  • Quiet electric motor <50 dB
  • Cord (98″/250 cm)
  • Anticollision immediately prevents the desk from moving when in contact with an object
  • The extendable base supports top width from 48″/120 cm to 72″/180 cm
  • 3-segment steel T-Legs
  • Eco-friendly standby power consumption 0.1 W
  • Lifting speed 30mm/s
  • Maximum load capacity 100 kg
  • .125” edge band
  • Package weight 29 kg
  • Package dimensions 41″ x 10″ x  9″ / 104 x 26 x 22 cm
Product List
Code Quantity Description
SEFHT 1 Electrical Height Adjustable Table Fits ,Tables  30″” And 24′ Deep X 48L to 84L
SRT12870CGHAT 1 Rectangular Height Adjustable Table Top, 28″”D X 70W  Grade 1, 2-3/4 Grommet 3′ From Back Side And Center


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