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Protection and privacy
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Würk Shield is a solid barrier protecting against large droplets that are released from the mouth or nose. On their trajectory droplets can be infections with viruses like COVID-19.

Würk Shield is not a substitute for a mask  

Blade Shield

Transparent Shield protects employees working close to each other, while the frosted glass version adds a layer of privacy. Choose from different sizes and formations to shield your employees.

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Station Shield

Add a layer of protection to your panel systems and make every interaction between your employees as safe as possible.

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Side Shield

A barrier that protects employees sitting next to each other while offering full transparency. By choosing frosted effect you will upgrade Side Shield to a functional privacy divider.

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Transaction Shield

Install the Shield within seconds using the 2M Dual Lock System. And allow your employees to interact with customers more safely thanks to the 10 cm opening.

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Counter Shield

Protect your front staff and your customers with a functional and elegant Shield. Counter Shield is a scalable system that will work with a reception of any size and shape.

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