Human beings are unique individuals with specific characteristics and skillsets. Würk Furniture offers custom products made to empower and support every individual within the company. 


Customized Würk Products

We adapt our products, so you have the best experience possible. No special charges. Features like grommets, plugs, handles and even dimensions and shapes of our products can be configured and installed based on your needs.

Custom Office Furniture


Custom Products

Made entirely based on your specifications to meet the needs of individuals in your company.


We use lean manufacturing practices to streamline the production and minimize the waste. Instead of overcomplicating things, we simplify. Our fitting technology is called “Snap-In”. It is made of two metal parts recessed to the furniture. It secures a sturdy long-lasting fitting that is possible to unlock without damaging the furniture. Custom furniture is made in our facility and features modular design. It means easy transport, and fast assembly of all the pieces. In contrast, most of the custom millwork needs to be built on site.

Short lead times

Our manufacturing facility and company office share the same location in Mississauga, Ontario. It allows us to control and manage the whole process from design, through manufacturing to shipping. We use Würk trained assembly and experienced delivery crew. Most of the custom projects are done in 3-weeks period.


While having everything under one roof, we pay close attention to every detail throughout each part of the process. We are committed to keep the high standard of Canadian-made furniture. After the installation is done, we are not. We stay in touch and provide servicing. Any detail doesn’t look or work how it suppose to? It’s on us. Our custom furniture is covered by lifetime warranty.

Take a look at some of our recent custom projects:

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