How to Manage Our New Way of Life

Sep 15, 2020 | Work Culture

Everybody is coping with change differently. Somebody quickly adapts, another is having hard times turning things around and some may suffer later after the new way of life kicks in. How we proceed in our personal lives and in our work lives has changed drastically. There are new ways of doing things, that we have to take into consideration. Some have moved their work to their homes, which was until now, their sacred temple. Our brain suddenly has to cope with a lot. And emotional relief that we once found in physical interaction with our friends, spending time together, is now mostly gone. Here are 6 things to make your life easier, especially when you work from home:

1. Keep your schedule and make rituals

Set your daily schedule and try to respect it. Take a break every 2-3 hours. While at home it’s much easier to let your work get in the way of your personal life.

2. Write down your goals

Writing down realistic daily goals in the morning helps you visualize what you want to achieve. It will help you focus on what is really important and stress less.

3. Stay active and exercise

Walk around the block or go up and down the stairs. Do it every break. The movement will optimize the flow of oxygen to your blood and you will feel energized.

4. Eat healthy

Healthy food and a healthy lifestyle go hand in hand. It will not only make you feel and function better, but it will strengthen your immune system.

5. Call a friend

Take advantage of modern technology and call or Skype a friend or a family member. Make the most of the situation and reconnect with somebody you haven’t talked with in a while. Talk to them regularly. It will help you to fight off the feeling that you are in this alone.

Two extra tips:

1. Use designated workspace

If possible dedicate one room for work. Your brain will associate that place with a specific regime. It will be much easier to get back to work in the morning. And you will less likely become tired from spending too much time in one room. Switching workplaces also helps. Don’t forget to use proper tools that are accordingly adjusted like an appropriate work desk, ergonomic office chair and a proper mouse.

2. Use noise cancelling headphones

You will not realize how helpful they are until you try them. Good noise cancelling headphones can cancel up to 95% of all background noise, so you can focus on your work. You can adjust the level of noise that is coming in, or you can even amplify the background, so you don’t miss a delivery or other important things.

Don’t forget. We are all in this together. If you or our friend is having hard times to cope, please seek help here.



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