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Apr 15, 2021 | Work Culture

Less human contact means less distraction, but it can also mean a decrease in motivation. People need the influence of others to grow and thrive. Therefore, depending on your personality and what you get your energy from, your productivity may be affected due to a  lack of inspiration. But as always, modern technology is here to help. We have selected sources of music and spoken word that can help you stay focused and motivated during a challenging day.


Today’s leading music services use AI to serve you with suggestions that are curated based on your taste and your listening history. So, it is easier than ever to find music that will suit your style and help you to give the best of yourself at any given hour. A study from the University of Windsor focused on the impact of music on software developers in Canada. And it found out that personalized music led to a positive mood and increased productivity. No doubt listening to the right song at the right time can lift your mood, so let’s take a look at the services that do it best.

Spotify / iTunes / YouTube Music

Great catalogue, curated playlists, AI suggestions and personal libraries are the main advantages of these well-established music services. All three of them are subscription-based. Both iTunes and YouTube Music cost $ 9.99 CAD a month, Spotify costs about half more – $ 15.99 CAD, however, it comes with social features such as allowing you to see what your friends are listening to and share or collaborate on playlists. It also provides a lossless format for the highest sound quality and quickest access to new releases. Talking about the subscriptions, if you live with family, you can save on one plan for all. And if you are willing to sacrifice on a streaming quality and do not mind hearing ads between songs, there’s also a free version.


SoundCloud is a very popular platform that allows artists to upload and share their music and interact with listeners. This platform is a great way to discover new talented artists, especially in electronic music. And if you can stand an occasional ad between songs, it’s completely free. 



Almost every major radio station has its channel on TuneIn. With just one app, you can find and enjoy a wide range of radios. Do you like alternative and indie rock? Try KEXP with music curated live by real DJs with their unique taste, instead of being automatically selected by an algorithm. If you like pop, try KCRW, an award-winning radio station from California known for giving early exposure to now well-established artists. Do you prefer to listen to a human voice in the background while staying in the loop? Tune in to CBC Radio One Toronto.

Spoken word

Apple Podcasts / Google Podcasts / Castbox / Spotify

As mentioned earlier, TuneIn can be the right source to listen to your favourite radio station. But what if you want to hear about a particular topic or recent developments in your area of interest? Podcast apps are free and, in most cases, they offer the same content no matter which platform you choose. It’s only recently that Spotify started with exclusive podcasts, striking a deal with Michelle Obama and Joe Rogan. Most of the media outlets have multiple podcast channels covering a broad spectrum of topics like BBC Global News,  CBC Front Burner, or HBR IdeaCast specializing in interviews with leading thinkers in business and management. 

TEDx Talks

TEDx are independently organized conferences for the most influential speakers that have 18 minutes to express their views on any topic. It’s a great way to hear from the world’s most innovative minds. You can listen to and watch every talk in this gigantic and free online library. Make one of your breaks last twenty minutes and be inspired by a visionary speaker every day.


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