Best Reception Desk Canada – 2023: How To Choose?

Nov 14, 2022 | Work Culture

Are you in the market for a reception desk? Having so many choices can be overwhelming and it’s hard to know which one is correct for you. Don’t worry, we got you covered.

We’ll share all the qualities to look for so that you can find the best reception desk in Canada or anywhere in the world.

If you’re in a time crunch, here are our top recommendations for reception desks that you can choose from

Desk Top Features
*Wheelchair accessible. *Available in many colors.
*Spacious countertop. *Can be used by two receptionists *simultaneously.

What To Look For In A Reception Desk?

If you’re still wondering how to choose a desk for you, here are the key things you should check:


The right reception desk size for your office will largely depend on the size of the room itself. You’d want a large reception desk if you have a huge room. If you have a small reception area, choose a small desk.

First, confirm the available space you have for your reception desk. Make a quick sketch of the area and place a chair behind it. Ask yourself if it feels comfortable or does it seem too narrow.

Keep making the adjustments unless you can confirm the available size. You don’t want the guests to feel like they’re cramped in a small space. So, ensure that there’s enough space for them to seat them as well.

Here are some best practices to make sure you don’t cramp the reception area with the desk:

  • Take into account things like windows, doors, and other architectural elements when making a sketch of the available space.
  • Add at least 60 inches so that your receptionist can turn and move comfortably.
  • Leave 3-4 feet of distance on all sides of the desk for easy foot traffic.

There are some other factors you should also consider when determining the right reception desk dimensions:

  • Number Of Employees – You’ll naturally get a bigger desk if you have more than one employee and a smaller one if you have just one receptionist. Use a desk that’s around 48 inches for one employee and 71-73 inches for two receptionists.
  • Number Of Guests – If you intend to assist more than one guest at a time, a larger desk will be the way to go. Otherwise, a small desk will also do the job.
  • Placement Of Desk – As you’d want to place the reception desk such that the receptionist faces the guest, it’ll be in the most visible area of the room. The size of that area will be a big factor in determining the size of the reception desk.


Depending on where you want to place the desk, you’d have to choose its shape. For example, if you’re putting the reception desk in the middle of the room, getting a round table could be the right choice for you.

Here are the most common shapes of modern reception desks that you’ll often come across:

Square Shaped

The simplest option you can go for if you’re not too concerned with your desk having a distinctive style is the square one. It has a simple look and is enough for a single receptionist.

Curved Shaped

Curved reception desks are great for small to medium-sized reception areas as they save a lot of space. They also look great when they’re placed parallel to a wall or in a corner.

Rectangular Shaped

One of the most common types of reception desks you’ll often come across is a rectangular reception desk. It usually has an open back with three other sides.

It can be used for both small and large areas depending on the size. A rectangular desk won’t add a lot of depth to the waiting area but it’s still a safe and classic option.

L Shaped

If you’re looking for office reception desks with great mobility, L-shaped desks are the right choice. Moving from one section to the other is easy with minimum hassle.

There’s also additional space to work if you choose an L-shaped reception desk. Generally, they are small as they’re designed for a single person.

U Shaped

If you’re looking for a large reception desk that gives the receptionists a lot of working area, you can’t go wrong with the U-shaped reception desk. 

They can have straight or curved edges and can be used as a reception counter. U-shaped desks are usually suitable for more than one employee at a time. They’re perfect for large waiting rooms.

Round Shaped

As you can guess, it’s round or circular in shape and gives the receptionists a 360-degree view of the room.

A modern reception desk looks cool, is the center of attention, and gives the visitors a feeling of being welcome. This type of desk does exactly that!

Round reception desks are designed for medium and large waiting rooms. If you’re looking for small reception desks, it won’t be the right choice.

ADA Desk

The unique thing about ADA desks is that they’re only 33 inches high. That’s because they’re meant to serve people that are in wheelchairs.


Your reception desk should blend in with the look of your waiting area if you want to create a strong visual impression in the minds of the visitors. The style of the reception desks speaks volumes about the business.

Choose the style that reflects your brand in the best light. Here are the most common reception area styles:


Minimalism is the idea of using things that are only necessary and discarding the rest. When you apply the same principle to your reception desk, it’ll look sleek and more open.

You can go two routes when choosing a “minimalist design” for your waiting area.

Modern-  Mid-century design materials like wood are preferred in making modern minimalist designs. Think of the designs commonly seen in the 1950s and 60s to get an understanding of this style.

Contemporary- Contemporary minimalist designs are usually made with materials like glass and metals.


This style of design mixes elements from different styles and eras with some commonalities in them. When done correctly, it can make the visitors rejuvenated by the design.

Having an eclectic style doesn’t mean dumping different pieces of furniture together. It’s hard to pull off eclectic designs but when done right, your visitors will never forget you.


The purpose of glamorous design styles is to draw attention and reflect confidence. That’s why you’d often see this style utilized by luxury brands

This style creates a sense of elegance right from the moment when customers walk into the room.

Highly revered artwork, decorative lighting, and ornate upholstery are some of the elements used in glamorous designs. If your goal is to instantly create a wow effect in the minds of the visitors, it’s the right style for you.


This design style refers to the use of bold and bright colors to immediately capture the attention of your visitors. The energetic style creates a strong impression and makes your brand look more fun and engaging.

You need to be careful that the reception area doesn’t look too busy. It should have clean lines and some neutral colors to make the bright colors stand out.

Which One To Choose?

As you’d be presented with numerous design options, it’s important to be clear on which one is the right for you. The answer is simple – choose the one that aligns with your business values the most.

The correct style varies from business to business. Here’s a quick example so that you can understand the point. A hotel should opt for a glamorous design whereas a spa should go for minimalist designs.


Choosing the right material for your reception desk is just as important as shape and style. With time, it’ll be exposed to different things and that’s why you need a strong and durable material to stand the test of time. The different types of materials used in making reception desks are:


This material is made from a type of particle board and it can be made to look like it has wood grains. A unique feature of laminate surfaces is that they don’t get scratched easily.

So, they’re the perfect choice for offices that have to deal with a lot of people. Another reason behind its popularity is that it’s on the cheap side. It also lasts a long time and is pretty easy to maintain.

Wood Veneer

If you want a material that looks like wood but you don’t want to pay a hefty price, you can go for wood veneer. It’s similar to laminate but has a layer of wood as well.

It takes more work to maintain wood veneer compared to laminate but it also gives a better look. You have to choose for yourself if the trade-off is worth it.

Wood Veneer

Different metals like aluminum, steel, zinc, and copper are used to make reception desks. With a chrome or power-coated finish, the end result looks great. Sometimes, they’re also combined with glass.

Marble/Natural Stone/Quartz

For a more earthy and elegant look, you can go for this type of material. Quartz doesn’t stain easily. You can also choose from a wide range of colors if you use these materials.

Marble/Natural Stone/Quartz

Another great material for an office reception desk is glass. There are many variations you can pick from when choosing it. You can have a wooden top with a glass inlay.

Conversely, you can also use glass for the countertop and the desk is made from other materials like laminate, wood veneer, or metal.

The glass used in the construction of reception desks is usually tempered glass so that it doesn’t shatter easily. Fingerprints and dirt get stuck on the glass. But thankfully, they’re easy to clean.


It’s not all about aesthetics. While it’s important to go for a nice-looking design to attract your visitors, you need to consider the functionality aspect of the desks. Picture how want your receptionists to work.

Both your clients and employees should have a pleasant experience when dealing with each other. The reception desk should be designed to make that easier and not get in the way. Here are the main things to consider:

Storage: Having storage space for your receptionist is a must. Having drawers or shelves will help them store office supplies and personal files. When they have easy access to the storage space, they can easily pull out the files as needed, work on them, and put them back.

Ergonomics: An important functionality aspect that you may ignore is the ergonomics of the desk. As your employees will be working for long hours, you want to make sure that they’re comfortable and they don’t suffer from any physical discomfort.

Countertop Space: You’d want enough space in the countertop space for both employees and visitors. It’s especially true if the visitors will have to do any work like input their info on the reception desk. Additional space also helps if you want to display any advertisements.

What Are The Best Reception Desks In Canada?

What Are The Best Reception Desks In Canada

Now, you know how to choose the perfect office receptionist desk based on your needs. But if you’re struggling to make a choice and live in Canada, we can offer some recommendations to you.

The reception desks made by Wurk are classy and could be just the thing for you. We have two models – Reception 4088 & Reception 2925.

We ship across Canada including the states of Oakville, Hamilton, St. Catharines-Niagara, Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary, Kelowna, Vancouver, Victoria, Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Kingston, Oshawa, Newmarket, Burlington, and Mississauga.

We’re confident about the quality of our products and that’s why we’re offering a warranty of 10 years on our products and panel fabrics.

There’s also a 5-year warranty on task lights, grommets, the articulating keyboard tray, seating fabrics, seating foams, moving parts, seating mechanisms, and pneumatic cylinders.

You can get a special discount on all our products by calling us. Now, let’s look at the reception desks.

Wurk Reception Desk 4088

If you only have one receptionist and you’re looking for a simple reception desk, you don’t have to look any further than the Wurk Reception 4088.

It not only looks elegant but it also has great functionality and includes a transaction counter. It’s also wheelchair accessible.

A lot of people have a preference for a white reception desk. Luckily, you can find it in white and 15 other colors including black, charcoal, candlelight, tuxedo, chocolate pear, and hot fudge.

Wurk Reception Desk 2925

This is a nice L shaped reception desk that’s perfect for two employees. It features a nice transaction counter as well as return and mixed storage. As it has a laminate finish, you won’t have to worry about it staining.

The Reception 2925 model has a spacious countertop with ample room for doing any work. The receptionist can greet the visitors behind the desk while maintaining privacy on what they’re working on.

It’s also incredibly easy to clean. The panel in front of the desk can be utilized for displaying advertising like signage. It also has a 2” Leveling system so that you can stay on the same plane on uneven floors.

Wrapping It Up

Getting the wrong reception desk can hinder the smooth operation of your business. If you get one that doesn’t have good ergonomics and is uncomfortable for your employee, that’ll affect the work he or she does.

Consider the size, shape, materials, style, and functional aspects of the desk before making up your mind.

You already know about our recommended reception desks if you’re from Canada. But if you love elsewhere, you can still use this guide to find the best reception desk for your business.


What material is used for reception desk?

The common materials used for making reception desks are wood, quartz, marble, granite, glass, and aluminum. Besides, copper and zinc are also used for a better look.

How much does it cost to build a reception desk?

Depending on the material and design you’re going for, reception desks can easily go above $5000. However, most reception desks fall within the $10,000 – $15,000 price bracket.

How tall is a reception desk?

Reception desks have two ideal sizes – one for standing customers and the other for working. The ideal height is about 40 to 42 inches for standing and 28 to 30 inches for sitting.

What is a reception desk called?

A reception desk can be called other things depending on the setting in which it’s being used. It’s also called a counter or front desk in hotels and offices


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