Office Design Tips for Workplace Productivity

Jul 22, 2018 | Work Culture

Productivity and efficiency are always at the core of every business’s aim to achieving real success. If workers in the workplace are expected to function at their optimal level, then there has to be an enabling environment that will bring out the best in them. One of the several ways you can ensure this is by putting considerable effort into the office design. To achieve maximum efficiency, the following tips have to be properly considered when working out your office design.

Ergonomic Furniture

Working in the office is not in any way like those high-risk factory works with lots of hazards but still, there are several health factors you should consider. When your workers spend long hours at their desks in uncomfortable positions, it could still lead to significant health and posture problems. Although it may take a while before this degenerates into such conditions, it will surely impact their comfort as well as productivity in the short term.

To ensure that these poorly designed furniture equipment do not leave your workers stressed and uncomfortable, you’ll have to invest in ergonomically-designed furniture that will help them get real work done in a relaxed and comfortable manner. This setup would involve desks that are properly aligned, screen protection as well as standing stations if the budget would be able to accommodate such.

Clutter and Color Impact

You may not know but both of these factors would also impact office productivity. You could turn to bright colors such as yellow and orange for stimulation on short bursts but when they are used in excess, they could significantly cause irritations as well as fatigue to the eyes. A cluttered workspace, on the other hand, may appear overwhelming to workers which could lead to a lack of focus.

In each of these cases, productivity would be severely impacted. On the other hand, an enabling workspace that encourages efficiency should be neatly organized with plenty of storage options as well as neatly-stored tools that are easily accessible to workers.

Flexibility of the design

We all have different personalities and tastes and so the ideal workplace should be made very flexible for everyone to flourish. While you’ll no doubt have to design your workspace or make improvements based on your current staff’s needs, you’ll also have to be sure the layout is flexible enough to accommodate future workers who may need or require different things.

While some workers would be fine with drawers, some would prefer file cabinets. While some prefer their desk return on the left, others would rather have it on the right. For reasons like this, your office design especially when it comes to your choice and style of furniture should be made as flexible as much as possible to remain viable for a long time.

A workspace layout that features premium ergonomically-designed furniture that has been designed with flexibility in mind; along with an overall arrange that is both clutter-free and neatly-organized will seem perfect for office productivity. If you’ll like to improve productivity in your workplace, you can always contact us at Wurk Furniture for premium quality office furniture aimed at providing your workers maximum comfort to boost productivity. We understand how important this can be to your business success and we always ready to help you work it out!


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