Electronic locks for office furniture

Oct 2, 2018 | News

Security and convenience are always going head-to-head and quite often you’re sacrificing one for the other. Not so however with Würk office furniture electronic locks! Electronic locks can be ordered on any one of our office furniture storage units, or can be retrofitted at a later date with minimal effort. Electronic locks for pedestals, lateral files and any other unit can be factory installed without having a major cost increase. You benefit from the convenience of not having to worry about keys, especially in situations where you have more than one office furniture storage unit in your office or workstation. Electronic locks from Würk can be opened via your smartphone or a passcode and feature motorized locking engagement with a manual knob for easy access.

Electronic locks also come into play in situations where more than one person will be using a workstation and require access to office furniture storage within the space. The administrator can easily update the code so that the new worker can access their storage and very much like a hotel can reprogram the code for personal security. Electronic office furniture locks are charged about once a year via a USB connector. Electronic locks for office furniture are truly a good marriage between convenience and security! Contact us today for your office furniture and security needs.


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