New “All in one” office desk divider screen by würk set to launch

Oct 22, 2018 | News

With open plan office being a trend that has been going strong for the past decade it has had its challenges. Mainly that the open office isn’t always ideal for everyone, especially when privacy matters. The challenge though is how to balance the open office with privacy needs without building up the walls that needed to be taken down? Many have created products that allow people to get away from the workstation to make that private call or have that quiet meeting. That has worked for some but others do need at least casual privacy to do their jobs effectively. That’s why würk has launched its desk divider line that is compatible with any product line and is now set to launch the “all in one” divider line! The first launch has been limited to fabric desk dividers but würk’s adding both laminate & glass dividers to round out the offering!

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