Millwork versus custom counter using office furniture systems?

Sep 27, 2018 | Würk

würk Furniture – Millwork has been the champion of putting together custom reception stations and counters in pretty much every scenario that companies want something out of the norm or need a counter to service clients. This is been the case for good reason, until recently if you wanted something customized using the office systems furniture product the price became very prohibitive very quickly compared to millwork. However, companies like würk Furniture that design products that are highly flexible have changed that. Using an office furniture panel based system to run your data and electrical can end up being a lot more cost-effective than millwork, adding stainless steel countertops and diamond cut steel and logos used to be only available with millwork and construction. This can now be easily implemented though and end up saving customers money in the short and long term especially if any changes are required down the road. Other materials such as Corian, granite etc. can also be implemented to give your project is unique look it deserves. Contact würk Furniture to get a quote on your next project!


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