Custom products that are affordable

Sep 25, 2018 | Würk

One of the number one pet peeves in the Office furniture industry is that as soon as you want to have a product customized the price goes through the roof! While in some cases there is merit to this if you need to tool up (mainly with office furniture products made from metal)  in order to create the product that people are asking for in quantities that are limited then this can be understandable. However, when it comes to office furniture laminate products that are being slightly modified or resized altogether if your organization has the proper procedures in place then this is no longer an issue. There is some additional CAD time required, but other than that when it comes to laminate products the cost should not dramatically increase for special office furniture products.

When custom office furniture products are requested here at würk furniture we charged only for what needs to be done and don’t take advantage of the fact that your organization has a need outside of the norm. wurk Furniture is a customer centered needs-based company, We look at the needs of clients and work on a solution for them, not one that makes it easier for us.

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