Keeping Your Small Office Organized and Clutter-free

Sep 11, 2018 | Work Culture

Keeping Your Small Office Organized and Clutter-free

Best Furniture and Accessory Recommendations for Small Offices


In our previous blog on “How to Maximize Space & Get the Best Out Of Your Small Office”, we stressed the importance of getting the right size and design of furniture as one of the best ways to address the shortage of usable space in the workplace. Today’s discussion will still be centered around the same topic only that we’ll be discussing it more specifically as this relates to your choice of office furniture in small offices.

Office Desk Suite

Tall and narrow bookcases

Bookcases are a kind of storage option meant to provide an added touch of organization within a workplace.  Rather than leave stacks of books on your desks or some other places, you’ll want to arrange these books neatly in a bookcase. A bookcase will ensure your office space is clutter-free, organized, and neat. When you have to fix a bookcase into a small office with limited space, do go for ones that are tall and narrow as against short and wider ones that would be taking more floor space.


Desktop Organizers

There are still some very important papers you’ll want to keep on your desktop even though you’ll want it to be clutter-free. For this, you may need a compactly designed desktop organizer. There are different types with varying stackable letter trays. The desktop organizer will easily hold papers in a neat stack. With this, you’ll still be able to rid your desk of papers while still being able to access important files conveniently when you need them.


Small under desk filing cabinets

An under desk filing cabinet is compact and won’t consume much space. This file cabinet solution will fit easily under the desk to provide ample storage option. It is a great way to maximize space in small offices so the atmosphere does not look cramped or too tight.


Whiteboards for tasks and calendars

You’ll likely need to write down your tasks, important notes, or great ideas. A whiteboard may be the ideal solution to this. They’ll save you ample space while still be functional. There are lots of different types of this product available on the market and you can easily get one that suits your needs in terms of size.


Multipurpose shelves

A multipurpose shelve will provide storage space to store different materials from books to office supplies or even office decors. You may even consider wheeled ones if you’re fond of changing your office setup often. The portability can also come into use if you have to move sometime in the future.


Where can I get the best office furniture?

Whether you’re setting up a small or large office or would be replacing or adding in newer equipment to supplement older ones, the need to go for quality and value is sacrosanct. When it comes to getting the right fit as far and comfort, convenience, and functionality are concerned, only a few other manufacturers can boast of the same quality as Wurk Furniture.


From office chairs to desks, benches, cabinets, and more, Wurk furniture items all boast of excellent manufacturing quality.  You may want to check out the products on offer on the website or contact us to discuss what will work best for your business.


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