The Ideal Workspace for Bloggers and Freelancers

Jul 27, 2018 | Work Culture

Office-Suite-with-credenzaSeasoned bloggers and freelancers would very much be familiar with the various dangers that come with working from home. In this kind of situation, it’s common at times to be tempted to sit in bed, laptop in front, half-dressed and ready for the day’s work. From experience, we have discovered how unproductive these situations can be. You’ll no doubt be fine until about a half-hour later when your back starts feeling the strain of no support and perhaps, a bad posture.

You should know though, that if you’ll be achieving real success, just like it is in the world offline, you’ll need to lay down some rules which you’ll still have to strictly adhere to. The first of these though should always be the point where you find the ideal workspace where your creativity and ability will be fully maximized.

It’s more of functionality than aesthetics

You really don’t need those luxurious types of furniture like those in Fortune 500 CEOs offices although it won’t hurt if you have the budget. Rather than luxury and aesthetics, your basic need, as well as the most important thing, is functionality.


By functionality, I’ll be questioning how comfortably your workspace furniture is, and how supportive it is. Some people choose to do this in their living room but this is far from good. It’s common for the brain to become foggy at times leading to loss of focus. If you want to achieve real success as a blogger, you’ll need to draw a clear line between work and life. Without this balance, there would always be disruptions and interferences at some points.

Where should you set up your workspace as a blogger?

There are a lot of things you may want to consider when setting up your workspace for blogging. Inside the home is one of the most common although we’ve discussed how this space should be separate from your living room or the bedroom. Alternatively, you could get outside to work. For some people, they are at their creative best when they are able t see people around getting about their businesses.


Coffee shops are also a great spot for some people but your preference would depend on your personal choice. Some bloggers also prefer co-working spaces where they are able to meet other bloggers. This can be great if you want to share ideas or you like seeing people around while you work.


Looking at it, most of these options negate the beauty of blogging which is majorly the freedom to work from home although that freedom also includes working from anywhere you want. For the majority of bloggers whose creativity and focus peak in the comfort of their home, setting up a perfect workspace that gives you the freedom and comfort you need for real success.


You may want to go for that executive chair you’ve been eyeing lately as well as one of those luxury office desks you’re considering. if your budget will accommodate it you should invest significantly into making this space as bright and appealing as possible. Just make sure you incorporate only those things that inspire you and will not stand in the way of your comfort.


You may check out our collections at Wurk Furniture to see the unlimited options of furniture equipment from chairs to desks, divider screens, and other equipment you may need to set up the ideal workspace that will inspire you to success in the competitive world of blogging.


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